Erin Condo McCracken has dedicated her life to serving people and communities. Erin is honored to step forward and offer her experience, creativity, and energy to the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives. Erin McCracken is running for PA State Representative because she wants to use her experience, as a small business owner and community advocate and organizer, to work for the communities and families of our District. In Harrisburg, Erin will fight to solve the problems we face, raise the issues we care about, and strengthen our communities and their economies. Erin offers a fresh perspective for our District and for hard-working families all across Pennsylvania.

Erin’s personal, professional, and educational background and long standing community advocacy have prepared her to serve as an exceptional State Representative for the families of the 171st District.

Erin is a mom, a community advocate, and a small business owner based in Millheim (pop. 908). Erin and her husband Josh McCracken, a fine woodworker and carpenter, have two young boys, Booker, aged 6 and Roscoe, aged 4.

Erin and Josh own EcoVents Catering housed at the Bremen Town Ballroom. Josh’s top-to-bottom renovation of the Ballroom (in a former life, Brownie’s Tavern) turned it into a beautiful community event space where Erin serves up lots of good food, specializing in barbeque sourced from local farmers. EcoVents mission is to serve the local community, encourage local enterprise, support local farmers, and preserve our natural resources. Erin and Josh believe in working hard and doing good at the same time. Their business has supported countless community-based events and has been a big part of Millheim’s Main Street revitalization.

Erin’s educational background has served her well as a community leader. She earned a Masters in Social Work and a Masters in Public Administration in 2001 from West Virginia University. She went on to complete coursework toward her PhD in Rural Sociology at Penn State University, before deciding that she wanted more direct community engagement.

Erin has deep roots in Central Pennsylvania. She has lived in many places, but has always considered Pennsylvania home.

Her late father, Richard (Rich) Condo, grew up in Bellefonte, and her mother, Patty, grew up in State College. Rich served in the US Navy. At the end of his enlistment, he moved to Maryland, with his wife and new daughter, Erin, to work as a Pipe Fitter for the Aberdeen Proving Ground and the Veterans Administration at Perry Point, MD, until he retired.

After retiring from her 35-year career as a elementary school teacher, Erin’s mom, Patty, also returned to State College, and is spending her retirement volunteering at Centre Peace in Bellefonte.

Erin is extremely well prepared to listen to, and lead on behalf of, all those who live in the District. She learned at an early age that listening to different perspectives is important, that good people can widely disagree. Her Dad was a lifelong Democrat and her Mom is a Republican, but family always came before politics.

Erin’s strong work ethic has defined her life. From high-school athlete, to an early career in social work, to being a small business owner and working mom—Erin knows that through determination, hard work, and working with others, she can accomplish almost any goal. Erin’s goal now is to bring your voice, your needs, and your priorities to Harrisburg.