Campaign Finance Reform
Underlying my entire platform is my commitment to rejecting corporate PAC donations so that I am truly free to represent the people of Central Pennsylvania. Corporations and lobbyists have worked hand-in-hand with our elected officials to create policies that benefit the wealthiest among us while working people pay the price.
One of the best ways to protect our democracy and to ensure that working people have a voice is to ensure that corporations do not have more influence than voters in elections and and in governance.

Even though I am part of a growing number of candidates who do not accept corporate PAC campaign contributions, it is not enough, on its own, to fix a broken system. I am a staunch supporter of campaign finance reform that eliminates corporate influence over elections by creating transparency of donors, and eliminating Corporate and Super PAC soft and dark money.

Moving Toward a Renewable Energy Economy in Pennsylvania
Right now, Pennsylvania is one of the top three states in our country for energy production. Unfortunately, much of that production comes from extractive industries such as coal and natural gas, making us one of the top three states for harmful, C02 emissions.

As neighboring states take the lead in renewable energy production, Pennsylvania is stuck in the boom bust energy cycles of the past. It is time to look to the future of energy production, one that is clean and creates independence from harmful fossil fuels—a diverse renewable energy economy that includes generating power from solar, wind, and other sources.

As your representative I will:
–Work toward generating 10% of Pennsylvania’s energy from renewables by 2030;
–Work to create jobs at all levels of skill and education for the 171st District;
–Ensure that Women and People of Color are represented in the Renewable Energy Economy; and
–Commit to training and retraining workers so that they can transition into well-paying, sustainable jobs.

I have a vision for taking Pennsylvania into the New Energy economy. We have a real opportunity to create jobs, protect our environment, AND be an energy leader in the United States.

Preserving Farmland, Small Farmers, and Local Markets
Family farms are the backbone of our rural communities in Central Pennsylvania. As a small business owner in a small town, I am personally dependent on the success of my agricultural community. I interact with farmers on a daily basis and without them our business and our community would fail. Unfortunately, policies have traditionally propped up big agribusiness rather than the small farms that sustain our communities. For example, in Pennsylvania, we are in the midst of a dairy crisis. Now more than ever we must reinvest in our farming communities, along with that investment comes the opportunity to make real change in how we work with and promote agriculture in Pennsylvania.

As your representative I will:
–Fight to preserve farmland and make sure that farmers have an ability to make a living;
–Support new markets for our dairy products, increase processing facilities in PA; and
–Support innovation in farming (farmers are often early adopters of technology) so that family farms can be profitable, productive, and regenerate our environment.

Rural Broadband and Main Street Revitalization
Access to high speed internet and reliable cell phone service is essential for economic growth, healthcare delivery, farms, and education in our communities. In Pennsylvania, more than half of us live in a rural place where broadband is slow and/or unavailable. One of the first steps to a strong homegrown economy and healthy, vibrant communities is building out our rural broadband infrastructure.

As your Representative I will:
–Fight to make sure Harrisburg invests in the infrastructure necessary to make high speed rural broadband a reality; and
–Prioritize infrastructure maintenance and development in Pennsylvania.

Protecting Unions & Working Pennsylvanians
The future of Pennsylvania and of our District rests with working families. We must create an economy that works for everyone. I hear the same things echoed across the District; working families need well paying jobs and opportunities that will grow with Pennsylvania’s future.
Pennsylvania has a long history of working hard and for standing up for its workers. While Pennsylvania is historically a strong union state, the power of organized labor is currently under attack by special corporate interests who work to influence our elected leaders against unions.

As your representative I will:
–Work to raise the minimum wage;
–Fight to expand affordable housing and childcare within the district;
–Oppose any so called “right to work” legislation; and
–Sponsor legislation to protect the identity of Union members.

Fully Supported and Fairly Funded Public Education
Strong public education is essential to the well being of our community and our democracy. We are failing to prioritize the needs of our teachers and students who are saddled with many unnecessary and counterproductive testing requirements that only benefit the big private corporations that control them.

Our schools are currently funded by local property taxes. Rural and small town landowners often pay a higher percentage of taxes than their urban counterparts. This disadvantages rural and small town landowners, and leads to disproportionate funding of our schools.

Students should not have to take on mountains of Debt to prepare for the successful careers. We need more opportunities for students who want to pursue work in the trades and expanded opportunities for affordable post secondary education in the District.

As your representative I will:
–Work to find alternatives to high-stakes, privatized standardized testing;
–Support initiatives to expand Career Technical Education in high schools and
work for affordable higher education and Student Loan debt reduction;
–Ensure that public dollars stay in public schools/Oppose School Vouchers; and
–Work to create universal, voluntary pre-K programs.

Healthcare for All Pennsylvanians
I believe that access to comprehensive and affordable health care is a basic human right. Right now, Pennsylvanians we are drowning in a system of expensive, ineffective, and disparate health insurance plans. Across our state, practitioners are struggling to provide basic healthcare to uninsured and under insured patients. We have the opportunity to take the lead on Healthcare for All—by cutting out the big budget “middle man” of giant big insurance companies with a single-payer system.

Together we can create a healthcare system that includes:
–Primary and Specialist care;
–Emergency services;
–Dental and Vision services
–Comprehensive women’s healthcare;
–Mental health services; and
–Long term, evidence-based addiction treatment.

As your representative I will:
–Support the Global Budgeting Initiative put forth by the PA Secretary of Health, to create standard pricing for services across hospitals;
–Support EMS Reimbursement for non-emergency services;
–Support a creation of convenient transportation to and from appointments;
–Support efforts to recruit and retain health practitioners in our rural communities;
–Encourage safe staff/patient ratios for our nurses; and
–Work toward a single-payer healthcare for all system in Pennsylvania.

Criminal Justice Reform
Our current criminal justice system is not only unfair, it’s extremely expensive. According to the VERA institute of Justice it costs an average of $42,727 to incarcerate ONE person for a year in Pennsylvania. Around 60% of the people incarcerated in the state have not been convicted of a crime, many of them just cannot afford bail. Another large percentage of those incarcerated are there for non-violent offenses. Pennsylvania is the most incarcerated state in the northeastern part of the country and there are many reforms we can put in place that will keep our communities safe, while lessening the burden on the taxpayers.

As your representative I will:
–Sponsor legislation to reform our cash bail system;
–Oppose legislation to reinstate mandatory minimums; and
–Sponsor legislation to legalize and tax recreational marijuana.